Village Level Milk Collection Solution

  • Replacing manual work of village level milk Procurement System.
  • This process helps in paperless transfer of data from Village Level Collection Center to main Dairy Plant.
  • Firstly in the process chain, Farmer is identified with the help of RFID card.
  • HT Milk – O – Meter, Weighing scale, Printer is attached with a HT Setup box.
  • Now an Android application will receive all the data wirelessly like weight, Fat, SNF and Farmer Name.
  • Now the farmer will receive all the details by SMS as well as Print Receipt.
  • Whole session receipt will be transferred to main plant.

Key Features

  • Separate rate charts can be made for cow milk, Buffalo milk or according to Fat, SNF or CLR.
  • Data storage capacity for about 15 years.
  • Data Backup for Android malfunction.
  • Customized SMS to farmer.
  • Whole session report to supervisor by a SMS and FTP server Login.
  • Backup support in case of damage of Android device.