Village Level Milk Collection Solution

We HindusthanThermostatics introduce ourselves as the pioneer in dairy industry now bring a smartest and most reliable solution for village level milk collection center i.e. Automatic Milk Collection Unit (AMCU) which is based on android 7”inch touch screen mobile tablet replacing the small screen Data processor for analyzer (DPU) system.

  • Replacing manual work of village level milk Procurement System.
  • This process helps in paperless transfer of data from Village Level Collection Center to main Dairy Plant.
  • Firstly in the process chain, Farmer is identified with the help of RFID card.
  • Ultrasonic milk Analyzer, Weighing scale, Printer is attached with a HTAMPS Setup box.
  • Now an Android application will receive all the data wirelessly like weight, Fat, SNF and Farmer Name.
  • Now the farmer will receive all the details by SMS as well as Print Receipt.
  • Whole session receipt will be transferred to main plant with the help of ftp server.

Key Features

  • Separate rate charts can be made for cow milk, Buffalo milk or according to Fat, SNF or CLR.
  • Data storage capacity for about 15 years.
  • Data Backup for Android malfunction.
  • Customized SMS to farmer.
  • Whole session report to supervisor by a SMS and FTP server Login.
  • Backup support in case of damage of Android device.


Sno Feature HT AMPS Conventional DPU
1 Live Data Capturing From Weighing Scale And Analyzer
2 USB Pendrive Access
3 Keyboard Connectivity
4 Supports Parallel As Well As Receipt Printer
5 SMS To Each Milk Producer May be
6 Summary Report SMS To Multiple No. Of Supervisor
7 Support N-Number Of Ports With All Possible Baudrate
8  Expandable Storage Space
9 7” Inch Display
10 Shift Summary Via FTP Server
11 Summary Report Viewing In Any Part Of World
12 Producer Details Exported Or Imported From Any Part Of The World
13 Mouse Connectivity
14 Touch Screen
15 Overall Data Backup In SD Card Or Pendrive
16 Built In Battery Backup
17 Rate Chart Update From Any Part Of World
18 Remote Application Software Update
19 Supports All 3rd Party Weighing Scale, Analyzer, Printer
20 Customization With Your Existing System
21 Easy Hardware Upgrade
22 Can Be Used As Hand Held Device
23 Bluetooth Printer Can Be Attached
Scan QR Code Application Name: HTAMPS
Please Download Android Application On You Android Tablet And Enjoy The Free Software For Trial