Tubular Glass Vials

Glass Vials
Tubular Glass Vials USP Type – 1.
  • Homeo Vials
  • Vials with Plain & Screw Neck.
  • Total Dimension Control, Visual attraction, Reinforced Bottom and Well Annealed.
Catalog# Description 100/pk
HTV- H1 Screw Vials ½ dram *
HTV-H2 Screw Vials 1 dram *
HTV-H3 Screw Vials 2 dram *
HTV-PH1 Homeo Glass Vials 1dram (Plain Neck) A Quality *
HTV-PH2 Homeo Glass Vials 2dram (Plain Neck) A Quality *
HTV-SC1 Screw Cap *
HTV-D1 Droppers *