Glass Test Tubes

A Glass Test Tube is a staple of any research laboratory. But selecting the appropriate Glass Test Tube for your workplace is not as easy as it may seem. HT offered good Quality Glass Culture Test Tubes for laboratory use at low price.
Glass Test Tubes

  • Made from Borosilicate Glass having expansion 3.3 x 10-7/OC.
  • Having Round or Flat Bottom – the bottoms of these glass test tubes are with uniform thickness to withstand both mechanical and thermal shocks.
  • With Rim or without Rim – without rim have heavy fire polished end which is resistant to mechanical shocks of daily use.
Catalog# Description(O.D. X Length) 100/pk
HTBT-A1 10X75mm *
HTBT-B1 12X75mm *
HTBT-B2 12X100mm *
HTBT-C1 15X125mm *
HTBT-C2 15X150mm *
HTBT-D1 16X100mm *
HTBT-E1 18X150mm *
HTBT-F1 25X100mm *
HTBT-F2 25X150mm *
HTBT-F3 25X200mm *