EPA Glass Vials Supplier India

HT-India is one of the leading Suppliers of a qualitative range of EPA Glass Vials for Analysing Process, Testing in Hospital Laboratories , monitoring of analytical standards used for environmental analysis etc.Suppliers of EPA Vials India

Some of the main Features of EPA Glass Vials are :

  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for monitoring of analytical standards used for environmental analysis in the USA.
  • Much of this analysis is applied to the testing of water supplies for the presence of potentially harmful chemicals.
  • These chemicals include pesticides, herbicides and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. (PAH)
  • The collection and processing of these water samples has been controlled by defining the type of vials used for this stage of the analysis.
  • The EPA Vials are defined by their size, volume and their degree of cleanliness.
  • These EPA Vials are also referred to as VOA (Volatile Organic Analysis) vials.

We are the Wholesaler, Retailer and Manufacturer of Glass vials, Tubular Glass Vials, Autosampler Vials, EPA Vials, Perfume Vials, Injectable Vials, Diagnostic Screw Neck Vials, other scientific glassware.

EPA Glass Vials Provide :

  • Two sizes available in clear or amber neutral glass.
  • Standard 28mm o.d. with heights of 57mm (20mL) and 95mm (40mL)
  • Glass that meets ASTM Type I Class A and USP Type I standards
  • Caps and seals manufactured from high purity polypropylene with silicone/PTFE injection septa.
  • Vials, caps and septa pre-assembled to reduce possible contamination.
  • Cleaning conforms to EPA standards with three levels of certification available.EPA Glass Vials Manufacturers India


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