Disposable Culture Tubes

Disposable Screw Thread Culture Tubes

Screw Thread Culture Tubes (Disposable) Borosilicate Glass

Disposable Culture Tubes are suitable for Tissue Culture work and General Bacteriological use. Tubes are made from Borosilicate glass having co-efficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 49 X 10 -7K-1 (1st Hydrolytic class, Chemically highly resistant special glass). Tubes are packed in trays having shrink wrapped with plastic film or packed in cardboard box with tube dividers, having dust free without any contamination. Supplied w/o caps.

Black Phenolic Caps
Cat No. O.D. X Length (mm) Overflow Capacity (ml) Case Qty.
HTDT – 8 13 X 100 8 250
HTDT – 10 15 X 100 10 250
HTDT – 12 16 X 100 12 250
HTDT – 16 16 X 125 16 250
HTDT – 20 16 X 150 20 250
HTDT – 25 20 X 125 25 250
HTDT – 30 20 X 150 30 250
HTDT – 60 20 X 200 60 250

Above mentioned tubes are manufacturing in Flat Bottoms, as Flat bottoms contribute to stability when tubes are set an end. We also manufacture round bottoms as per customers requirements.

Black Phenolic Caps
Autoclavable Caps that are designed to ensure the ultimate in product safety. Caps are fabricated specially formulated Phenolic resin to resist the effects of temperature and steam in Autoclaving. The liners are made of a nontoxic rubber which offers excellent chemical resistance

Cat No. Description Qty/pk
HTPC-13 Black Phenolic Caps 13-415 G.P.I.Thread Finish, Solid Top, PTFE/Rubber Liner 100
HTPC-15 Black Phenolic Caps 15-415 G.P.I.Thread Finish, Solid Top, PTFE/Rubber Liner 100
HTPC-18 Black Phenolic Caps 18-415 G.P.I.Thread Finish, Solid Top, PTFE/Rubber Liner 100
White Polypropylene Screw Caps

Stock Sizes – Diagnostic Screw Neck Clear Vials

White Polypropylene Screw Caps, Linerless
Cat No. Description Qty/pk
HTWC-13 White Polypropylene Caps 13-415 G.P.I.Thread Finish,Linerless 1000
HTWC-15 White Polypropylene Caps 15-415 G.P.I.Thread Finish,Linerless 1000
HTWC-18 White Polypropylene Caps 18-415 G.P.I.Thread Finish,Linerless 1000

Packaging of Glass Culture Tubes