Cleaning Solution for Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer


Lacto daily cleaning solution

Lacto daily Cleaning solution is used for the purpose of cleaning Ultrasonic milk analyzer to prevent it from harm. Brand Lacto daily is a popular name in dairy industry. We provide best products of this brand to our customers for development of their business.

Our Cleaning solution is essential for longer life of Milk analyzers as it removes the precipitate that can reduce life of analyzer. Technicians have approved that it is a quality solution for internal cleaning of Ultrasonic analyzers. Daily use of this solution will reduce the risk of damage to pump, inner tube and sensor.

We are familiar with the fact that dairy industry needs cleaning solutions that can be utilized daily but consume less money. Our solution is cost efficient as little amount is sufficient for perfect cleaning. 100 ml of this pale yellow liquid solution is added to 3 Ltr. Water. Moreover, Level of PH plays a vital role as more level can damage analyzers. 11.5-13.5 is the PH level of 1 % (lactodaily) solution at 20°c that is idle for disinfecting ultrasonic milk analyzer.

Packing of the product is done with care in blue bottle with capacity of 100 ml. if solution is accidently spilled on any skin area then rinse it with water and remove the solution from body. Do not place it in unlabelled container. For better result, make sure to use it with proper instructions given on the packing.

In case of any issue you can contact us; we will assist you in dealing with it.

Daily Solution Which should Be Used After Every Session

  • Add 100 ml in 3Ltr. of water
  • Idle for every ultrasonic milk analyzer
  • Ph value 1% solution at 20° c 11.5-13.5
  • Appearance clear pale yellow liquid
  • Blue color shrink wrap bottle
  • Capacity per bottle 100 ml
  • Brand name 1) Lacodaily 2) HT M.O.M. Daily

Lacto weekly Cleaning solution

Lactoweekly cleaning solution is acidic solution used for cleaning milk analyzer once in a week. It is suitable for ultrasonic Milk analyzer and prevents it from harm. We supply best range of products used in dairy for good production and maintenance include cleaning solutions for Milk analyzer.

Cleaning solutions are necessary to increase the life of analyzers. Weekly solutions are available for removing precipitate and cleaning analyzer internally. Using it once in a week is sufficient for disinfecting the inner tube, pump and sensor.

Lactoweekly solution is approved by technicians as perfect for Ultrasonic milk analyzer due to its acidic property. Price of this product is less as compared to other brand cleaning solutions. It is cost efficient as used only once in a week. Less quantity of this solution is sufficient to clean the whole inner area of analyzer. PH level is 1-2 per 1% solution at 20° c. It is clear liquid filled in red bottle of 100 ml capacity.

Protect your analyzer from getting damage and reduce your expenses. Our consumers are satisfied with the results of this solution.

Some precautions should be taken before using it because of its acidic property. Add 100 ml of solution in 3 ltr. Water and then apply it as required. Directions for use are given on the bottle label.

Our product is cost efficient and reliable. For more details regarding solution or placing order, please contact us at our office or call us at

Weekly Solution Which Should Be Used Once In a Week

  • Add 100 ml in 3Ltr. of water
  • Idle for every ultrasonic milk analyzer
  • Ph value 1% solution at 20°c 1-2
  • Appearance clear liquid
  • Red color shrink wrap bottle
  • Capacity per bottle 100 ml
  • Brand name 1) Lactoweekly 2) HT M.O.M. weekly