The Dairy Industry, trade and the public analysts in India prefer to use THE GERBER METHOD for the rapid and routine determination of Fat in milk and milk products, when relatively large number of samples has to be analyzed at a time. The use of apparatus standardized and calibrated according to the conditions and materials available in our country and the adoption of uniform methods of determination of fat will enable one to obtain comparable results, within a reasonable degree of accuracy.

  • As per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) IS1223.
  • Made from Borosilicate Glass (Type I) with a co-efficient of linear thermal expansion 33 x 10-7/OC.
  • Having Flat Scale with Screen Printing.
Catalog# Butyrometers
HTMB-1 Milk Butyrometer 0-8%
HTMB-2 Milk Butyrometer 0-10%
HTCRB-1 Cream Butyrometer 0-70%
HTCHB-1 Cheese Butyrometer 0-40%
HTBB-1 Butter Butyrometer 0-90%
HTMPB-1 Milk Powder Butyrometer 0-35%
HTICB-1 Ice Cream Butyrometer 0-20%
HTSKB-1 Skim Milk Butyrometer 0.5%
Skim Milk Butyrometer

Milk Butyrometer 0-8%

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Milk Butyrometer

Milk Butyrometer 0-10%

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Cream Butyrometer

Cream Butyrometer 0-70%

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Cheese Butyrometer

Cheese Butyrometer 0-40%

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Butter Butyrometer

Butter Butyrometer 0-90%

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Milk Powder Butyrometer

Milk Powder Butyrometer 0-35%

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Skim Milk Butyrometer

Skim Milk Butyrometer 0.5%

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Capacities, Scales & Volumes for Butyrometers

Catalog# Description
Butyrometer Name Percent Scale Quantity of Material Tested Basis of Graduation in ml Capacity of Body in ml
HTMB-1 Milk Butyrometer 0-8% 8 11 ml 0.125 corresponds to 1% fat 20.5+/-0.5
HTMB-2 Milk Butyrometer 0-10% 10 10.75 ml 0.125 corresponds to 1% fat 20.5+/-0.5
HTCRB-1 Cream Butyrometer 0-70% 70 5g 3.974 corresponds to 70% fat 21.5+/-0.5
HTCHB-1 Cheese Butyrometer 0-40% 40 3g 1.350 corresponds to 40% fat 21.5+/-0.5
HTSKB-1 Skim Milk Butyrometer 0.5% 0.5 21.5ml 0.125 corresponds to 0.05% fat 43.5+/-0.5

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